We are building the world’s largest marketplace for Artist Owned™ sheet music.

MusicSpoke is a digital marketplace for artist owned sheet music. In 2014, we set out to solve some of the problems we saw in choral music publishing. Conductors wanted to see and hear the full score before purchasing the music. They were also frustrated with the wait times between purchase and delivery. Composers were frustrated because they had to give up their copyright and 90% of the money from sales. Everyone was frustrated at the lack of connection between conductors and composers.

We began with just sixteen composers and the hope that we could fix some of the problems. We developed an online platform where conductors could peruse complete scores while listening to a recording. When the score was purchased, the composer was notified so that they could make a connection to the ensemble that was performing the work.

The concept worked, and MusicSpoke now represents around two hundred composers from countries around the world. In our first six years, we have paid composers over $300,000.00 in commissions. That’s a big deal because it allows composers the financial freedom to create more works for everyone to enjoy.

MusicSpoke has never been afraid to go after tough issues. We have intentionally attempted to make our reading sessions and promotions focused on local and regional composers with specific attention to under-represented groups. At the last national ACDA conference, we presented a reading session that was evenly split between women and men composers. We have also intentionally pursued promoting minority voices with works like The Seven Last Words of the Unarmed.

MusicSpoke has developed into a thriving community of artists that are dedicated to promoting each other’s works and fostering relations between local conductors and composers. We have partnered with prominent conductors like Charles Bruffy (Kansas City Chorale) and Derrick Fox (University of Nebraska – Omaha) to create curated music series of high-quality music.

As MusicSpoke continues into the future, we will continue to champion the idea that the best music happens when ensembles have a personal relationship with the persons who are creating the music for them to sing, and we hope that you will join our community and promote our vision.